The Yemanjá Music Project©
The Yemanjá Music Project is a thematic event, presenting global multi-cultural traditions through, music, dance, visual arts, popular food and spirits.

Yemanjá Music Project© is an event that is inspired by the rich cultural traditions that occur on the beaches of Copacabana at the end of each year. Yemanjá, goddess of all oceans is honored with a procession, ritual drums and offerings, in hopes for a prosperous and healthy New Year. This event will be integrated with the Brazilian Film Festival in Miami, New York and Barcelona.
Cultural producer Geo Darder, in association with the City of Rio de Janeiro and the Mercadao de Maduriera, each year organizes a public event with a procession for Yemanjá, from the Mercadão to the beaches of Copacabana. Thousands of Brazilians take part in this popular religious celebration. Following the procession and offerings to the Rainha do Mar, the Yemanjá Music Festival, a cultural musical event begins. The Yemanjá Music Festival gathers a diverse crowd of local and international celebrities and people of all spiritual beliefs in a positive international media event. Yemanjá is recognized in many other countries as a unifying element in their religious traditions. From this concept emerges the Yemanjá Music Project©.